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Corporate Projects

Creating the right work environment — one that engages employees and accentuates the corporate brand — requires the right furnishings. Furnishings that can stand the test of time. Here’s a few projects we’re proud to be part of.

New York Digital Media Headquarters

New York, NY  |  Design Firm: Olson Kundig

Designed for gathering and collaborating as well as evening cocktail parties, our commercial coffee tables add flair and functionality. Read our blog to discover more ideas of how to design spaces to suit any commercial office and hospitality environment.

Products featured in this project:

hotSPOT Biscuit
jetSET small- Natural
jetSET medium – Natural
jetSET large – Natural
jetSET medium – Stone
TULIP Armchair, small, with table
TULIP Large Armchair
TULIP Armchair, small
TULIP Large Arm chair with table
GOTHAM Woody SG-80-I, Stool, High, 4-legs, upholstered
GOTHAM Woody SG-80, Stool, High, 4-legs
GOTHAM Woody SG-65-I, Stool, Medium, 4-legs, uph.
GOTHAM Woody SG-65 Stool, Medium, 4-legs
GOTHAM SL-SG-80 Stool, High, sled base
GOTHAM SL-SG-65 Stool, Medium, sled base
GOTHAM SG-80 Stool, High, 4-leg
GOTHAM SG-65 Stool, Medium, 4-leg
BABETTE W-SG-80 Stool, High, 4-leg wood
BABETTE W-SG-65, Stool, Medium, 4-leg wood
BABETTE SL Stool, High, sled base
BABETTE SL Stool, Medium, sled base
BABETTE SL Chair, sled base
BABETTE SG-80 Stool, High, 4-leg metal
BABETTE SG-65 Stool, Medium, 4-leg metal
sunREBEL Stacking Lounger
eyeSEA Sofa, 2p
eyeSEA Lounge Chair
jetSET small – Stone
jetSET large – Stone
bikEEZY Fluid Table – Stone
bikEEZY fluid chair – Stone
basketCASE chair
pluMO ottoman
pluMO chair, right
pluMO Chair, left
JULENE Armchair, rope back
JULENE SP-A, armchair, wire back, cushion
JULENE Armchair, wire back
GOTHAM Woody SL-P-I, Armchair, sled base, upholstered
GOTHAM Woody SL-P, Armchair, sled base
GOTHAM Woody SL-I, Chair, sled base, upholstered
GOTHAM Woody SL Lounge Chair, sled base, upholstered
GOTHAM Woody SL, Chair, sled base
GOTHAM Woody S-I Chair, upholstered, 4-legs
GOTHAM Woody S Chair, 4-legs
GOTHAM SL Chair, Sled base
GOTHAM S Stacking Chair, 4-leg
GOTHAM P Stacking Arm chair, 4-leg
BABETTE W Chair, 4-leg wood
BABETTE S Stacking 4-leg metal
ELLA Square High Table – Teak
ELLA Round Table – Teak
ELLA Rectangle Table – Teak
ELLA 2-Top Cafe Table – Teak
ELLA Square Table – Teak
ELLA Coffee Table – Teak
ELLA Square Side Table – Teak
ELLA SMILE Stacking Armchair – Teak
TRIZ Table, square, teak
TRIZ Table, rectangle, teak
TRIZ Table, square, stone
TRIZ Table, rectangle, stone
SATURNO Table, rectangle
JULENE Stool, wire back
BEO Stool, Medium
GOTHAM Woody SL-SG-65-I, Stool, Medium, sled base, uph
GAZE Relaxation Room
BEO Table, round
BEO Side Table, round
BEO Table, rectangle
BEO Table, square
BEO Coffee Table, rectangle
BEO Coffee Table, square
NEW YORK Bench with back
BOA Curved Bench with Back – wood
BOA Straight Bench – wood
ARA Straight Bench with Back – wood
BOA Straight Bench with Back – wood
ARA Curved Bench with Back – wood
PRISMA Litter bin
MONTIEL Litter Bin – wood
ARA Straight Bench – wood
BOA Curved Bench – wood
ELLA SMILE Stacking Side Chair
LARIA Structure – Small, Wood Roof Panels
LARIA Structure – Large, Wood Roof Panels
MOYO Stacking armchair
GOTHAM Woody SL-SG-80-I, Stool, High, sled, upholstered
GOTHAM Woody SL-SG-80, Stool, High, sled base
GOTHAM Woody SL-SG-65, Stool, Medium, sled base
ELLA Stacking Lounger – mesh
ARA Curved Bench – wood
WATERFALL Shower+ cold tap, no base
WATERFALL Shower, full set + Cold tap
WATERFALL Shower+ hot/cold tap, no base
WATERFALL Shower, full set + hot/cold tap
TT Stool, Medium, stacking
TT Stool, High, stacking
TT Ottoman
TT Lounge Chair, stacking
TT Stacking Chair
TT Stacking Armchair, ss armrest
TT Lounger
TAJI Table, rectangle, wide
TAJI Table, square, wide
TAJI Side Table
TAJI Table, rectangle, slim
TAJI Coffee Table
TAJI Table, square, slim
TAJI Lounger, mesh
TAJI Lounger, teak
TAJI Bench with Storage Box, medium
TAJI Bench with Storage Box, large
TAJI C Bench, small
TAJI B Bench, medium
TAJI A Bench, large
SUNGLASS Side Table, triangle
SUNGLASS Side Table, round
SUNGLASS High Table, round
SUNGLASS Coffee Table, d-fly
SUNGLASS Coffee Table, triangle
SUNGLASS Coffee Table, round
SUNGLASS Coffee Table, square
SUNGLASS Table, round
SUNGLASS Table, square
MU Side Table, square
MU Side Table, round
KURF High Table, round
KURF Side Table, triangle
KURF Side Table, round
KURF Coffee Table, d-fly
KURF Coffee Table, triangle
KURF Coffee Table, round
KURF Coffee Table, square
KURF Table, round
KURF Table, square
JAZZ Bench, 3-seater
JAZZ Bench, 2-seater
JAZZ Stacking Armchair, mesh
JAZZ Stacking Armchair, teak
JAZZ Stacking Chair, mesh
JAZZ Stacking Chair, teak
JAZZ Table, round
JAZZ Table, small, square
JAZZ Table, square, pedestal base
JAZZ Table, square, 4 legs
JAZZ Table, square, with X-Base
BOTANIC Coffee Table
BOTANIC High Table
BOTANIC Side Table, square
BOTANIC Side Table, round
BOTANIC Bench with back
BOTANIC Bench C, small
BOTANIC Bench B, medium
BOTANIC Bench A, large
BEO Stool, High
BEO Ottoman
BEO Stacking Lounge Chair
BEO Stacking Chair
BEO Stacking Lounge Armchair
BEO Stacking Armchair
BEO High Table, square
BEO High Table, round
BEO Lounger with Wheels
BEO Lounger
BEO-MOVE Turnable Chaise Lounge
BEO IN-OUT 5881.SP Corner Sectional
BEO IN-OUT Ottoman
BEO IN-OUT Armless Sectional
BEO IN-OUT 1-Arm Sectional
BIBI Serving Cart
BB Stacking Chair, mesh, ss
BB Stacking Chair, mesh, pdc
BB Stacking Armchair, mesh, ss
BB Stacking Armchair, mesh, pdc
BB Stacking Chair, teak, ss
BB Stacking Chair, teak, pdc
BB Stacking Armchair, teak, ss
BB Stacking Armchair, teak, pdc
BB Square Table, hex.base, teak, ss
BB Square Table, hex.base, teak, pdc
BB Square Table, hex.base, stone, ss
BB Square Table, hex.base, stone, pdc
BB Triangle Table, tri.base, teak, ss
BB Triangle Table, tri.base, teak, pdc
BB Rectangle Table, sq.base, teak, ss
BB Rectangle Table, sq.base, teak, pdc
BB Square Table, sq.base, teak, ss
BB Square Table, sq.base, teak, pdc
BB Triangle Table, tri.base, stone, ss
BB Triangle Table, tri.base, stone, pdc
JULENE Stool, wire back, seat pad
BB Rectangle Table, sq.base, stone, ss
BB Rectangle Table, sq.base, stone, pdc
BB Square Table, sq.base, stone, ss
BB Square Table, sq.base, stone, pdc
ABSORPTION Side Table with C-Frame
ABSORPTION Armless Sectional
ABSORPTION Corner Sectional
ABSORPTION 1-Arm Sectional
ARENA Side Table
ARENA Coffee Table
Outdoor Frame Colors
HANA Stool B
HANA Stool A
HANA Armchair
HANA Armchair, powder-coated frame
CHIPS SL Stool, high
CHIPS SL Stool, medium
CHIPS Sled Chair
SELF Coffee Table bench, large
SELF Coffee Table bench, medium
BEO Coffee Table, large
SELF Bench, medium
SELF Bench, small
SATURNO Armchair
LOCK Bicycle rack
ZERO Bicycle rack
TIMMY Litter Bin
BRUCO Recycling Center
BRUCO Litter Bin, perforated
BRUCO Litter Bin
BINO Litter Bin, ashtray
BINO Litter Bin, covered
BINO Litter Bin
SUGAR Bench with back
DIAGO Litter Bin
DIAGO Planter
DIAGO Bench with back
TIMMY Litter Bin, covered
VOLO Bench with arms
VOLO Bench
CHIPS S SG-80 Stool, high, wood leg
CHIPS S SG-65 Stool, medium, wood leg
CHIPS S Chair, wood leg
CHIPS M Stool, high
CHIPS M Stool, medium
SELF Bench, large
DUAL Bench, small
DUAL Bench with arms, small
DUAL Bench, large
DUAL Bench with arms, large
ARABO Straight Bench
ARABO Curved Bench
BRUCO Litter Bin, covered
MORRIS Litter Bin
MORRIS Litter Bin, covered
MORRIS Planter
BRUCO Recycling Center, covered

Technology Company Corporate Headquarters

Chicago, IL  |  Design Firm: Archideas

The roofdeck at this campus is an inviting, multi-functional space for casual employee meetings and client entertaining. The furnishings are sleek and polished with a hint of whimsy, appropriate for buttoned-up events and casual happenings alike.

JP Morgan Chase

Chase Tower and Fitness Center
Dallas, TX  |  Design Firm: Staffelbach Design Associates

World-class amenities and exceptional service to rival a luxury hotel await corporate tenants of the Chase Tower in Dallas, Texas.  BOTANIC Benches and KURF Tables uphold simplicity and quality of design as the highest virtues. The refined teak-steel balance offers distinction and finesse at the onsite fitness center. 

BIOMED Research Facility

San Diego, CA  |  Design Firm: ID Studios, Inc.

The slim geometric lines of Meeting Point Chairs and New York Benches create a fluid and inviting space for patrons to mingle.

Products featured in this project:

Devon Energy

Oklahoma, OK  |  Design Firm: Gensler, OJB Landscape

The expansive outdoor spaces in this large multi-building corporate and hospitality complex brim with activity and conviviality since the addition of our classic BEO seating and dining collection.

Products featured in this project:

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